Sensations, deep human emotions.
Individuals submerged by stimuli that they don't understand, dissociated from life resulting profoundly indifferent.
Beings with stolen souls; immobilized and imprisoned. Without hope or passion, strength and spirit.
Faces, bodies and emotions stolen by the passing of time, under a veil of resignation.




Isolating a moment by stopping it. Picking it from a lifetime and freezing it so as not to loose it while making it always present and immortal.
Speaking of women and men whose paths and experiences, however different from our own, appear connected by moments that have been lived or will be lived together.
We see, observe and get to know figures we fall in love with, they become part of our life and become travel companions, tied to us by sensations and emotions.



Natural Inspirations

The beauty of nature, the simplicity of its lines and compositions.
The beauty of a ray of sunlight that strokes a surface making it luminous, warm.
Complex yet simple, in harmony and balance, full of shades of light and dark often barely perceptible they are so delicate, sometimes strong and defined.
Softness and rigidity generate a continuous and natural desire for observation, a never­ending source of curiosity and emotions.