Lights and shadows, sounds, noises, smells. Attempting to understand, to assimilate and evolve.

Letting sensations and emotions penetrate so deep they touch strings that we don't even imagine we have.

Continuous research and observation. A never-ending curiosity, an unquenchable thirst of understanding, learning, perfecting one's self and putting one's self to the test.

Studying the surroundings and all that they are made of: colors, smells, and sounds attempting to capture energy and information making these indispensable for a correct interpretation of Humans and our World.

Relationships. True and deep friendships. Experiences. Being together, talking, discussing, arguing, saying sorry, forgiving and changing.

Being alone among a multitude of individuals: in different places, with different cultures. Women and men with ambitions, their own dreams and hopes yet everyone has one head, two arms, two legs, a brain and a heart.











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Andrea Berni

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